Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Little Piece of Ida

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday we had wind and rain from the leftovers of Ida.  Wednesday we had the most rain with temps falling into the low 40s.  Without too much whining the short story is that I didn't make it to sail Wednesday.  Thursday however I was able to get to Belews after work for a fun sesh on the 106L with the 5.8 sail.  Yes it was extremely gusty but there were fun ramps and when fully lit you had an excellent launch.  I'm still working on proper bump n jump technique but even if you don't know what you are doing you get air.  I had the wetsuite but still didn't need gloves or boots!  Belews is so warm even at 40F you are perfectly comfortable.

Leah and I hit it again yesterday for more gusty but lighter stuff.  I was on the 106/5.8 again for a while and when she got there switched to the 106/7.5 so she could use the 5.8 on the 166L.  We both had fun and just before dark the wind cranked up again as a little rain moved through Greensboro.  After dark the wind pick up even more so I couldn't resist a last few lit up blasts out and back with the 166/7.5.  wooww.  Good times.


  1. I am almost a little teary eyed for missing that sesh. Now that the leaves are gone, it should be filling in nicely.


  2. dude. you've been filling your head with too much book learning and such. you need stoke!