Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weather Forecast is for Weather Today

Is today the day?!  Could it be?  I woke over an hour before the alarm... windsurfing in my head.  I so hope for some good NW today.  Forecast is for it to start up later today- that typical 3 - 14 mph gusting to the upper 20s.  Oh yeahhh, that old friend of mine.  That lake wind that can make one look so silly yet can still be so much fun for the right kind of mind. 

I'm stoked because I've got something else to try today too.  While the water is still so warm I'm going to begin training for the duck jibe




the forward loop!  The Peconic Puffin posted this "safer" loop training video.  So far I'll submit to this school of thought...

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