Monday, November 30, 2009

I Love the Smell of Formula Windsurfing in the Morning

I got to the lake this morning around 8:30 figuring I would try for some clean SW before the nasty W came in with the rain.  It was awesome!  The lake seemed even more peaceful than usual and the 9.5 / 100cm board were just money.  I was hoping to head to Hatteras for today's and Wednesday's warm S and SW.  Since I can't make it I'm really glad I had a great local sesh to take the edge off.  I left the wind blowing and headed to work around 11 to support the habit.  You know it is funny- when you come in late everyone is there to ride you for sleeping in but when you stay late nobody is around to thank you for your diligence.  It is all good though.  All of it ;]

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