Sunday, November 1, 2009

November NE. Steamy and Hot!

I had one of the best sessions ever today. I had planned to go to the outer banks but the weather forecast fell through. Despite the nasty weather the wind was blowing in Greensboro so I headed to Belews around 3pm. Temps hovered between 49 and 50 degrees so you would expect to be cold right? Not so at Belews. The water is still balmy compared to other lakes so all I needed was a thin wetsuit. And I sweated the whole time so I could have used even less. Air temperatures have little to do with comfort so there is certainly no reason to hesitate if the wind is blowing.

I rigged the old 9.5 and jumped on the 100cm formula board. Mac, Rob and Mark always measure boards according to “holler for the dollar”. Mac and Rob have AHD free diamond 77cm boards that they bought new and still use more that any other board. So far the formula board is on its way to giving me more holler for the dollar than anything else I could own. I was in the straps planing more than 70% of the time up to dark. It was kind of surreal since the cool wind was generating lots of wispy fog from the warm water. With the outer banks over 5 ½ hours away it is awesome to be able to get time planing at the lake just down the road. No need to even mention the Fall colors…

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  1. Sorry I missed it today, gotta love that warm belews water!