Monday, June 7, 2010


Sunday was my first trip to Corncake. It was a beautiful windy day with side-off later turning side shore. 5.2 all day and great B&J. Also got to meet Alan and Scott. The highlight of the trip for me was hearing the guys on the beach give a shout when I locked into a wave with a couple turns. Awesome. Thanks to Jennifer for taking these pics with the little point and shoot. Alan and Donald posted some great ones on the Charlotte club site too. Thanks again guys.

Fantastic conditions, great people, beautiful water and all the windsurfing you can handle in a day. I can't wait to go back...

I had to add in Alan's A-Team van. This thing just gives off a bad-ass windsurfing vibe. It really gave me confidence when I was a mile offshore carving into my return jibe. There was much stoke on that beach, and it was good.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tow In Paddle Surfing Vid

Last December at Kure Beach I broke a thruster fin and ruined an 8" wave fin on my Starboard Drive in some gnarly shore pound. I finally got around to getting some thrusters and put in the 9" wave fin for some tow in wake surfing at Badin. It was my sister Jennifer, wife Leah and myself in my dad's fishing boat. This turned out to be the hilight of the weekend...

Leah took this photo. What a great sky.

I'm sure you've all seen the wake surfers on short boards behind > $30K wake boats. Turns out it is much cheaper to get a bigger surf board and use your smaller boat. I shortened the ski rope so that I was on the shoulder of the wake- from there holding the handle and paddle I could pull myself in front with one arms reach. As soon as you feel the glide toss the rope and you're paddle surfing.

Another awesome thing about the big SUP board is beginners can get on the board and use it as a mega stable knee surf board. Jenifer sure is convinced anyway.

And no, she wasn't bored to sleep... that is a zen moment!