Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend SW at the Local Water Hole. Forecasts are more like guidlines.

So the NWS said 5-10 SSW Saturday and Sunday.  With a formula board and 9.5 or SUP and 7.5 this is cause to sail when it is sunny and warm.  That goes double when you only need a spring suit. 

Saturday Leah spent a few hours on the 106L/5.8 in some pretty good stuff- likely around 13mph gusting to 16 up the main channel.  The tacks are getting faster and she is certainly loving the maneuverability of the smaller gear.  The 13-16 dropped off in the early afternoon down to the forecasted 5-10 so I rigged up to the 9.5/formula for a good pump workout.  There wasn't much planing later in the day but we schlogged until dark since it was so nice.

Sunday.  Wow.  After the service Sunday morning while we were walking home the wind was blowing and messing up my hair that I had spent so much time on.  Excitement was building but in check at that point.  We had to handle some commitments and didn't make it to Belews until around 2:30 but dang.  When we got there it was white capping and filled in nicely!  I rigged the 9.5/formula figuring the wind would drop while Leah rigged the 5.8/ahd.  In the straps and off I was.  It was some of the best quality I've been in at Belews since I was planing and in the straps non-stop.  Get this- it steadily built until evening.  I got blown off the formula, immediately went to the 9.5/ahd, got blown off that, 5.8/ahd was working with plenty of power so I grabbed the 106L/5.8!  I had no idea I had been sailing so over powered with the 9.5/formula until I was planing on the 106L/5.8 since the wind built in so slow and steady!

There were lots of sailboats about and it seemed like more party barges & bass boats than normal.  This becomes relative I think.  When you are well powered you are one of the fastest vessels on the lake and when you are crossing the channel almost 90 degrees to the flow of traffic it seems like there are boats in the way fairly frequently.  This isn't a bad thing though since it is a great opportunity to represent the best sport on Earth while there are plenty of folks on the lake to witness it and maybe even drum up some interest in trying it.  Warm, sunny Fall weather is the best time of the year to be sailing and gaining interest in windsurfing and SUP.  Where are all the Triad Club locals? 

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