Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oct 1 NNE at Canadian Hole, OBX NC

The last time I was on my 85L exo wave was the end of July at the Basin.  That was 2 straight days of SW with the 5.2/85L combo.  Yesterday evening I sailed the same kit on the 85L stick with Dale Bendula.  Dale was on a 95L slalom board with 5.5 and passing me on each run.  We worked it out so that when he jibed I would too from a distance behind, he would catch up midway, pass then repeat jibe so it was great sailing with a buddy for a change!  He covered more ground but I could out jump him, at least yesterday :]

The Raleigh crew (Triangle Windsurfing Club) is sailing up at Salvo this weekend too.  I'm looking forward to putting faces to names!  Sounds like a lot of excitement for the sport with those folks.

The wind forecast has changed for the next few days.  Looks a little lighter with NE switching to NW towards Monday.  The surf has been massive but should be dropping to a more manageable level starting today.  Hopefully we'll be wave sailing and SUP surfing soon too.  More updates to come.

The 9' Mana is at Wind NC.  Wow.

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