Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ramp 49 Wave Sailing- The Redemption Sesh

My trip could not have ended much better.  I planned to spend most of the day SUP surfing at 49 again but when I paddled out the side-side-off WNW was creating a strong wind swell.  Dropping in on the wave was really tough since the wave was peeling left and into the wind- so that put the board across the NW chop and the nose floating on the air.  I didn't mention it in my previous Mana post but second nature took over a few times on Monday and I ran to the nose to get the drop.  Without traction the nose is like running on ice!  The nose was still slick so I certainly missed jumping on it in that head wind.

I rigged the 5.8 and the cross 106 again for my wave sailing redemption attempt.  I love side shore wind.  Though it was light and fluky as expected I was able to clear the impact zone pretty well 8/10 times and the bars were shallow enough at lower tide that I could beach start in some spots.  No denials this time.  The NW wind swell built up quickly so there was waist high checkering across the SE swell rolling in on the outside.  It made it challenging staying upwind, even on the outside, but between dogging it and some planing I always managed.  It made me appreciate sailing areas with dominant swell offering free shoulder rides into the wind.  On another note, there must have been a million jelly balls out there!  Inside, outside, middle tons of the darn things everywhere.  Every time I fell in I had 2 or 3 bumping into me.  I don't know if they sting but I had a full wetsuit on so I still can't say.  Unnerving.  Then there were the dolphin.  Lots of em and it always gives me a good vibe though I'm not sure why.  Every little thing helps when you are charging waves solo.

Speaking of waves, does Hatteras have the sneakiest waves anywhere or what?  Ramp 30 had a clear flat path out that suddenly was suddenly blocked by a head high top to bottom closeout.  Even the south side would do that.  More like waist to shoulder but I got put through the spin cycle head over heels by a few of them.  I was talking to Andy about it and he agrees it is the sharp bars that cause the swell to jack up so fast.  The swell will hide between bars in deep water and pounce on the poor soul trying to sneak out.  Ramp 49 added the new dynamic of SE swell hiding in the WNW.  When staging for the SE you had to keep a keen eye out for the money shot.  Where o where is it...  Ooh, pump pump!  Sometimes the wind gave power for the drop, sometimes not.  It just makes those times that you make it to the outer bar that much sweeter and the jibe out of that DTL wave ride that much more of a victory.


  1. Sweet Ralph!

    Glad you scored some FUN sessions in the Atlantic while here! Sounds like you did it "safari style" too with the visits to Ramp 49...very cool! See you next visit!

  2. Hey Bill,
    I ranged from the bath houses up to ramp 30. 4wd is the ticket man. Hopefully we can get some seshes in soon. Sunday was crazy huh?