Sunday, October 3, 2010

At Old Lighthouse Beach and The Hole

I started yesterday morning early at the Hole with Dale Bendula.  Stayed on the 5.8/106 all day.  Wind was NNE and a little up & down but fun as always.  It was a great oportunity to dial in my jibes on the 106 in chop and fluky wind.  My hand is healing well and no major sail handling problems!  Dale took a break to cut the grass and Ken from Wind NC drove up.  He was on Andy's 5.2/twin freestyle.  The wind filled in nicely a little and we had a ball when Ken was planing easily.  We also traded rigs since I had a 5.8- wow was there a big difference between the old Ezzy wave and the new Gaastra IQ.  The Gaastra was flatter when not powered and much more crisp.  The old wave sail has much more low end grunt but not nearly as smooth in transitions.  Not as easy to clear the clew either.  

I got the message too late but Keith M and Olaf scored a fun sesh at the lighthouse.  I stopped by to wach for about 45 min and it looked big and fairly easy.  I was zapped and cramping already so I didn't rig.  Maybe today!  Keith has the blue sail.  Wish I had a better camera.

Last night Andy at Wind NC put on a sail clinic for the Raleigh crew.  They have over 20 new members this year and tons of stoke!  It is awesome to see all the excitement from new and senior members.  Great group.  Andy does a great job with these clinics and there's great info for new and experienced sailors.  Good times.


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! Picked up the Mana, and then got wind on top of that!!!!

  2. I think there was significantly less poo as well...

    Looks like you were ripping on the exo wave again!