Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Denial Twist

I tried wave sailing solo at ramp 30 this morning.  It looked so sweet- big crumbling lefts on the outer bar.  Each time I tried to get out I was denied in exactly the same way at exactly the same spot.  The wind was light and side shore- blowing better on the beach than on the inside somehow.  I would punch through a couple white water areas, start to take a breath of relief since I was on my way and out of nowhere a head high top to bottom closeout would slam me!  If fully lit the 5.8/106L would have been the express route to the outside but the power was just not there.  Hopefully the fishermen next to me enjoyed the show.

Since the wind was so light I hit Ramp 49 again for some more time on the Mana.  Have I told you lately that I love the Mana?  The tide was low and rising again so the bars were similar to Sunday but better.  Beautiful peeling lefts on the outside with tubes!  Add in the first completely sunny day of the trip and zang, wave sailing blues gone.  A fellow NC surfer posted some good pics at Frisco too.

The higher tide wasn't working at 49 or bath houses so I headed up to old lighthouse.  The waves were huge compared to the southside and good grief what power.  Certainly more challenging paddling but still easy to get out.  It isn't often you have waves that big and it isn't hard to get out.  Yesterday it was a great high tide spot and I SUP surfed on the Mana until sunset.  Best of all my last ride of the day was the best of the day- long left on a head high with enough steam to keep me going until it reformed on the inner bar.  Stoke was plentiful. 

Oct 4th was another flat water day at the hole on 5.2/85L.  It was NW and I was well powered to marginal.  Stu and Ken came out after 5pm but the wind was falling off quickly by then.  What a sunset!

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