Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dusted off the 130L

Greensboro was blessed with a little more snow Friday evening/night. In a perfect example of NC weather the day before it was a sunny 60F so I was out skate sailing and land surfing. There is probably 8 inches on my lawn so there is more powder than the one we got in December.

Leah and I live at the top of a long steep hill so we ended up hosting the party. It is pretty cool- when we get a snow storm that shuts down the roads the city turns into an island. Everybody just chills and it feels a bit like the outer banks. We had a fun relaxing day so I'm glad I caught a little of the action. For friends and family to the south & east that got ice and no snow- you're still lucky since the beach is so close the other 99% of the time.

Check out the video of some action.


  1. Repost the video...its not working. I recognize that Xantos board...isn't that Keny's old board?

  2. Looks like the old Xantos is lacking some directional stability!!

  3. mac- that is keny's old board. excellent if you have higher wind and flat water for slalom. or really cold water. saturday most small kids didn't come out due to the cold. it was mostly 20 and 30 somethings acting like kids. i met your friend sharmane sunday when temps turned balmy and more kids were out. she seemed cool.

    andy- that it what makes it fun! you were watching freestyle practice. it also feels like canadian hole in the summer without a weed fin :]

    as for vids, i have been having trouble embedding vimeo. youtube stuff doesn’t give a problem.