Monday, January 25, 2010

Shorepound at Belews

They just can't forecast this kind of day. I got to Belews a little after 3 and the SW had the place rolling. There was actually shore pound with a little spray coming into the grass! I rigged the 5.8 and the 106L since I didn't think the wind would stay. I used the 5.8 (or rather it used me) until about 4:30pm. All I could do was go upwind most of the time... To get back down wind I actually had to use a wave sailing upwind technique backwards- I sheeted out and rode the swell. I just stuck with the 5.8 because I thought the wind would drop off any minute. Finally I rigged the 5.2 so I could relax a little to end the day. I wish I would have started with it but I'll certainly not complain about being over powered on the lake.
The wind was at the perfect angle coming right off the power plant. When I missed my first jibe I held my breath for the ice cream headache but it never happened. Belews is awesome. The warm temps and plant have kept it balmy enough I didn't even use gloves! The last time I windsurfed was January 1st 2010. The last time I was on anything smaller than my formula board was November 13th 2009. Man I needed this so bad. You can cross train, paddle, skate and lift until you are blue in the face but nothing prepares you for windsurfing like windsurfing.


  1. Glad you got some, Ralph. I love how the wind did a 180 in a matter of minutes, just as the lights went out.

  2. Hey Mark. Just before sunset a line of clouds came over and the wind did shift suddenly. At least it wasn't as bad as earlier this year when I schlogged upwind south then had to schlogg upwind north to get back!

  3. Man, I have gotta check out that heated lake!! Stoked you got some wind- next time you're that jacked on the 5.8, just toss it on the 85 :)

  4. Ha! The 85 would have been SICK. I gotta make a big deal about it since yesterday was such rare conditions lately. Check out this post for an explaination for why I didn't have my heavy air stick...

    It is a vicious cycle.

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