Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Perfect Local Break

This winter has been especially harsh. I've not been wet since new years day but we did have some strong wind to go with the bitter cold and of course it was time to skate sail. Andy inspired me to try land sailing last winter with this.

I started with a worn out trick board and then got a used pintail longboard. You already know the story- just drill a hole in the deck for the Chinook base and you have a land kit. For your viewing pleasure- this is my first attempt at a turf board. (Mud flaps hadn't come in yet)

If you have access to a little breeze skate sailing is way more fun than you think. I love working on jibes with the longboard. Having that sail in hand is like a pacifier. We had enough cold wind that I got really used to skate sailing for a while and when it died it was a huge let down. I thought about stand up paddle surfing being the sanity saver for windsurfers on calm days. I put 2 and 2 together, though I'm no rocket surgeon, and decided if the wind power wasn't there I could just paddle the skate board. 1 broom handle + 1 tennis ball later I had my first land paddle cruiser. When I used to get on a skate board without a paddle I would vapor lock. Put a stick in my hands and I got the warm fuzzies. Feels a heck of a lot like SUPing folks.

After I had so much fun with this I started poking around on the web and found out lots of SUPers have already decided this was cool.

I know what you are thinking and YES it is as sweet as it looks. Pictured below are my current pavement machines with a land paddle idea I got here. I made this board with my dad last winter to use for street sailing and it works well carving little hills. Mountain board trucks can carve like a champ.


  1. Sweeet man! Are you flat-lot paddling for fitness or finding some hills to bomb like in the vid??

  2. Yo Andy-
    When life gives you hills and no surf then surf dem hills man. It started just cardio flat paddling but now I'm all about longboard carving down hills. I'm hoping to meet some local longboarders looking to spread the stoke but the search is just starting. Grom gotta learn to slide.