Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The high speed burn

As your attorney I advise you to take a very fast van with a rack on top. A tape recorder for special music. Acapulco shirts. Get over to Cape Hatteras for at least 48 hours. And you're going to have to arm yourselves with equipment... to the teeth.

Well it worked for us anyway.
I couldn't believe it. We've been discussing it for months. Eagerly watching the forecast for a week- seeing it go back and forth between epic and ehh. Friday morning Mark and I pulled the trigger 'cause it just looked too good not to try. Three guys actually had their schedules line up for 5 nights in Hatteras so we packed Mark's van and headed to Buxton. We just couldn't get over how good the conditions were every day. That is windsurfing or standup surfing every day with 0 down time. I expected to have a tough time finding parking at the hole. Would you believe we basically owned the place? Apparently everyone was waiting for the week after the 4th to vacation. This trip is one for the record books- great in every way.

Sunday to Tuesday were 3 straight days of great SW wind. No waves but the hole was cooking up some nice bump n jump- especially Monday when I ended up on the 4.2/85L hitting sweet right hand ramps punctuated with efforts to pop the kit with the Ollie. Yep I'm thinking of trying the Vulcan this year.

Meet Mark's friend Awesome Bill from Yadkinville. It was a pleasure having Bill join us. Very interesting guy that has been sailing since the 80's. Here on his first SUP waves.

Wednesday we had perfect waist high waves at old lighthouse beach.

Thursday we had some beefier waist-shoulder NE swell in Avon. Mark and I surfed all day with Ken and later with Andy, Drew, Ace & Lara. The SUP is amazing- the conditions were challenging but terribly fun. Later in the afternoon we talked of rigging small sails but didn't want to take the time away from the waves we were catching...

Mark has some video so I hope to update when we can go through it. Good times.

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  1. Ralph, your doctor advises you to carefully consider the consequences of Vulcanization.
    Your lawyer says "Go for it!"