Monday, June 7, 2010


Sunday was my first trip to Corncake. It was a beautiful windy day with side-off later turning side shore. 5.2 all day and great B&J. Also got to meet Alan and Scott. The highlight of the trip for me was hearing the guys on the beach give a shout when I locked into a wave with a couple turns. Awesome. Thanks to Jennifer for taking these pics with the little point and shoot. Alan and Donald posted some great ones on the Charlotte club site too. Thanks again guys.

Fantastic conditions, great people, beautiful water and all the windsurfing you can handle in a day. I can't wait to go back...

I had to add in Alan's A-Team van. This thing just gives off a bad-ass windsurfing vibe. It really gave me confidence when I was a mile offshore carving into my return jibe. There was much stoke on that beach, and it was good.


  1. Yeeha! Nice SUP surfing behind the boat video too.....were your legs burning?

  2. Wish you and Rob were there Mac. I never thought I would say it, but it was much more fun than Canadian hole. I tried to get Mark to go but he had some knitting to catch up on or something ;}

    I do everything regular and goofy stance so switching really helps. But yeah, you actually get to feel the bliss of leg fatigue since the wave never closes. It is magical.

  3. Great having you on board, Ralph! Hope to see you down there soon. Won't be long we'll be yelling at you to go for the loop.

    ...will link your site to