Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RRD Wassup Initial Test, 10' Stinger

Leah and I have really enjoyed paddling this summer. Typically for flat water paddling at Belews Leah would get the Starboard Drive SUP board and I would grab one of the old windsurf longboards out of the container. The old longboards function but are not comfortable at all. Thanks to RRD and Wind NC we now both have a SUP!
No doubt I had to get another SUP but I was thinking that the ideal scenario for Leah would be a board that would really do it all. Tony made this video trying out the new RRD SUP boards and the Wassup caught my eye. The 8'5" Wassup was featured and I thought the 10' would be good for lake and ocean. It arrived last Friday and we hit Belews to give it a try.

The Scoop

The first thing you'll notice is the 31" width- very stable in the normal paddling position. The volume seems to be a little more centered. The 10'5" Drive has more volume toward the nose. I was shocked how easily the Wassup turns on the pivot! The board has slightly less rocker than the Drive and you don't have to step very far back at all on the quick turn. I can't wait to try this in some surf- this should really pay off on the paddle back out when a wave rolls in that is too good to miss. Using the bathroom scale the board weighs just over 26 lbs. I tried for months to get the volume and weight from RRD but still no luck. Here is a forum link with thoughts from WarDog. He estimates around 140L of volume and I would say around 150L.

Jackson is all partied out.

We tried wake surfing the Wassup behind a very nice wake boat that some friends have on Belews. The wake is sooo much bigger than my dad's boat. The extra width does take a little adjustment- the board accelerates down the wave faster than the Drive and turns with ease but a little slower rail to rail. That is until you get further back and the narrow tail kicks in. It is almost like another gear when you center your weight back. When your weight is more centered toward the carry handle you have to put much more foot pressure on the rail to get the turn you want. Again, I really need to get this in the ocean waves to see how the board does on the transitions and different size waves. Stoked!

We had terrible T-storms all day Saturday but Sunday we tried some light wind sailing at Belews. Leah used the 7.5 Ezzy Zephyr on the Wassup but we didn't add any foot straps. (The Wassups don't ship with footstraps by the way). She was using the harness lines and it seems that the nose would dip a bit from the big rig. I think this board is definitely designed to be sailed well behind the mast, even when not in the straps. The rig seems to be placed pretty far forward as well. I sailed it briefly and thought it was very smooth- great pivot jibe just like the flat water paddling turns. The wind never got strong enough for planing. Since Tony is using the boards to teach windsurfing I'm hoping the board with plane and respond well to foot pressure when in the straps.

Summary for Initial Testing

We've paddled and sailed light air in flat water. Paddling it has a solid feel and good glide. On the tacks you have to watch putting too much pressure on the nose since it is a little shorter. For paddling the pivot turns are great. We surfed a boat wake and the board was easy to accelerate and get on the wave. Turns are deliberate and easy- on the tail the board is very agile.

2010 RRD Wassup 10' Stinger from r d moore on Vimeo.

Looking forward to surf, higher wind planing and surf sailing. More on this later!

By the way, I have to mention the rare July sunset sesh I had at Belews Sunday. Planing and at times over powered on the 9.5 and formula board up 'till sunset. SSW, balmy and all mine...


  1. Sorry I missed you at the beach this weekend. You're going to have to let me try out that 10' WASSUP sometime soon!

  2. Sure thing Mac. Glad you did well at the Mullet Run!

  3. where do you put in at Belews with your board? Mine finally came in today and I plan to be on Belews more than anywhere else because I live about ten minutes from it...