Friday, May 7, 2010

Bermuda High Wind- 4 days in Hatteras

I took no video, no pictures and few breaks. I arrived Friday afternoon and sailed the 106L/5.2 until dark. Saturday & Sunday the wind was light early and filled in as the day went on. However Sunday and Monday the higher wind came earlier in the day each day and was stronger by sunset. I spent the majority of my sailing Saturday - Monday on the 85L with the 4.2 & 3.5 I sailed with Don Wrenn and Lou Sunday- by sailed with I mean tried to keep up. The dominant SSW turned more SW Monday making for much cleaner swell in the hole.

It turns out the insanity at lake Waccamaw prior to Hatteras was an excellent warm up for sailing overpowered in psycho chop at the Hole 4 straight days. I felt really good about my overpowered short board jibes despite coming to Hatteras with a bum right arm. It was a wonderful time. 4 straight days of SW and the biggest thing I rigged was a 5.2 You gotta love Hatteras.

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