Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Distraction #74

I grew up in one of those places that isn't known for much more than just being on the way to somewhere else. My parents and sister still live in Chadbourn NC so I still visit a bit. My plans for a trip to Hatteras got dashed due to some health issues in the family so I hit highway 74 to Chadbourn last friday. Lake Waccamaw is off 74 if you keep heading east past Whiteville. I took some gear just in case we got a little of the S wind in the extended forecast. Good thing too.

Sunday morning storms blew through pretty early. The S wind kicked in and picked up into the early afternoon. After some visiting I launched at the N end of the lake at Dales on a 5.2 There were some pretty big rollers coming in but I likely missed the highest wind from late morning/lunch. It was coming down as I rigged for my sister and myself. We struck out into the swell and some gusty S wind for a beautiful afternoon of sailing. She did great with the 3.5 on the GO (she loves the GO) and handled the rough conditions really well for her first time in the swell. She's past ready for the harness. Eventually I rigged the 5.8 and stayed pretty well powered. 5.2 & 5.8 on an inland lake is epic as far as I'm concerned. We stayed until after dark. Wonderful day.

Monday was forecasted to be the big day. WSW 20-30mph. Dales isn't the ideal spot for W so after more morning visiting I headed south to Carl's place near Big Creek. I've played volleyball with Carl "The Truth" for years. Great guy. That launch just works for SW around to NNW. My mom came out with me to take pics and watch- otherwise it was solo bump-n-jump from Big Creek to the state park shore. The trick is to launch in a spot that is side-on. The swell from the main lake acts just like ocean swell on the bars- side-on swell rolls at an angle to the wind making excellent ramps. Dead downwind you get the steep, pitching wave with whitecaps. Fun for some poor mans wave riding in either case. After about an hour and half on the 5.2 it was 4.7 madness on the 106L board until dark. I really needed the 85L board but didn't have it as usual. Mac and I had an amazing 7.5 sesh at Canadian Hole while down for the Windsurf Mag 2010 board tests. He pushed me to take deeper downwind angles than ever before. I did some of this on the 106L board too. Wow. I actually had a stiff neck after that full day of wild riding. My sister got off work a little early and took some great shots too. I hope you enjoy.

Epic Bump & Jump Sesh at the Big Creek Launch from r d moore on Vimeo.

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  1. yeah...Linkin Park! Nice pics and video! Finally get to see what Lake Waccamaw windsurfing looks like. Any gators?