Sunday, March 21, 2010

STOKEsdale Side Shore Action, 75F

Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the windsurfing world lies a small unregarded little lake. Yesterday that little lake saw temps in the mid 70s and a south wind. Afternoon average was 10mph! Err, wait. Huh? Sucks right? Nope. My highest yielding investment yet is still paying dividends. My formula board and 9.5 renders light wind into pure stoke. I added Dakine core contours for the back straps this winter and am very pleased with the results. Easy access even with boots. Adjustable outhaul is sweet too. Leah rigged the 5.2 and the SUP for some fun longboard action. She can actually point higher sub-planing that I can on the FW kit. It is also a lot of fun in the swell from the boat wakes. If the companies ever come up with a SUP that surfs AND planes I'll have to invest there too. Talk about having your cake, eating it and having more cake...

We finished the day with a little paddle out to the islands and back. I grabbed an old Bic longboard out of the container and she kept the SUP. I forgot how tippy the old longboards are but boy are they fast in a straight line. We don't have any mosquitoes yet so I'm just going to have to call it perfection.


  1. Nice! Formula boards are definitely cool. Your comment about wanting a SUP that planes makes me think of the Kona 11'5".

  2. James, you know as well as anyone about FW and now kiting in light air. I've never tried a kite but I'm sure both are a good workout.

    The Kona does look really cool but I wonder how much the width matters for sup paddle surfing? My board is 6cm wider and 30cm shorter. It would be nice to compare the two if I run into someone in the waves paddling one day. If it was a wash paddle surfing then planing on the Kona would be sick!