Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Madness

I've been so hoping to get conditions to use my 85L RRD FSW. That opportunity came Friday at Canadian hole. After a morning/afternoon of sailing bigger gear for the 2010 Windsurfing Magazine board test in warm light WSW the weather took quite a turn. It is amazing how weather patterns can change on the banks. The front made its way down from the north and the edge was an abrupt change from bright blue sky to swirling dark grey clouds. The NE wind came in like a fighter jet. Lucky Andy gave us the heads up in advance of the front so we derigged the bigger gear and stowed the boards. Stu actually headed out with a big board and a 7.5 as the wind began its swing- he had to body drag his way back in and even Josh had to help the rest of the way. It was a team effort to wrestle in that big kit in that kind of wind.

After a brief delay due to a water spout near Avon we all hit the water with the smallest kit we had. In my case a 3.5 and 85L board. Overpowered is not the word. I would have paid cash for a 65 or 70 liter that afternoon. Awesome. First time on my 3.5 too. I hit some but not all of my jibes on port and starboard. Big jumps with lots of spray on the lands. Good times.

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