Monday, August 3, 2009

Bermuda High Times

Well Leah and I finally made it back to the OBX to catch the awesome conditions that had been on all last week. Leah got on the 166L with a 3.5 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday was the heaviest air so it was trial by fire at first. Towards late evening the average backed off toward the mid to lower 20s so she was beach starting and getting comfortable. The rest of the weekend in the heavy air was cake and she really has started to hold some good speed and use those harness lines.

I was on the 85L/4.7 Friday, 106L/4.7 Saturday & 85L/5.8 Sunday. Since Leah was using the 370cm mast for the 3.5 I had to use the 430cm mast and bigger sails. This actually turned out to be a good thing- sailing over powered forced me to really work on spilling the wind off while entering my jibes. I'm jibing the 85L in high wind tighter than the 106L! The 85L tack still eludes me but I'll get it. Jibing is so much fun its tough making myself practice the tack. And then there is the chop hops. Heavy air on the 85L is too much fun- I'm hoping the practice on the 85L will carry over to improved technique on the 106L. It is like hang gliding!

Keny, Debbie and Don also came down. Poor Debbie was sidelined with a mtn bike injury and missed the fun- she'll be back on the short board before the fall though. Keny was hanging on to a kite Saturday and Sunday- he looked pretty darn satisfied at the end of both days. Don got some action at the Hole Saturday and some Ego Beach wave time Sunday.
Here is a video of Leah and myself having the best OBX weekend ever.
For anyone thinking of going to the outer banks for windsurfing, kayaking or paddle boarding here are a few good links with wind and wave predictions. Please let me know if we can organize a long weekend trip. It is difficult to call much in advance but there's lots more to do than windsurf if the wind drops out. This time of year is peak tourist season so booking last minute is sometime tough but I've found some pretty reliable motels with low rates. Splitting costs can make for a pretty affordable trip.


  1. Sweet! Looking forward to Fall!

  2. Yeah man. Glad your Colorado trip was awesome.

  3. george- surviving my first ocean session gave me a boost of confidence for the high wind days. my 3rd time ever on my 85L and it was the charm! still got some tuning to do but i'm hopelessly hooked on the short board now...

    bring on the big ramps :]

  4. Hey Ralph, my wife and I are in the market for a couple of used kayaks. beginner stuff, no frills. bare basic model. about 9-10 feet. can you steer me toward a good deal? know of anyone that has two to sell?

  5. can you email me if you know of any?