Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Wave Jam!

Japser and I took off to Hatteras on a another long weekend for a promising SW forecast. We rolled into town, freshened up at the luxurious Avon Motel and hit Sailworld. While there George M. and Ken came in and talked us into heading to ramp 34 for an ocean session. My first! Jasper did a great job taking pics with George's camera. Check out Live to Sail for the best coverage of Wave Jam.
Since I didn't have 4wd George gave us a ride out. What a great guy! That is my experience with other windsurfers- when you first meet you're meeting new friends.

First Arrivals

Survived my first reach. Man what rush!

George M. setting the pace

Beautiful isn't it?

Andy 1 handed fwd loop

Keith mid-fwd

Saturday Jasper sailed the 166L GO with a 4.2 & 5.8 This was his 3rd time ever windsurfing an d the guy is already on a more advanced board with no dagger fin! By the end of the day he was even experimenting with the foot straps. He'll be using the harness and planing in no time at this rate... Here is a little video recapping the action. Fantastic weekend.

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  1. Ralph, your welcome. Great work out there!

    Hope to see you in straps soon