Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OBX 5/8-10 !!!!!!!

I missed all of April at the OBX but I made up for that this weekend. The wind has been solid the past couple of weeks and Friday - Sunday was no exception! Friday was building through the afternoon and I ended the day on a 5.2 after dropping down from a 5.8.

Saturday was 20s-40s but averaging 25-35 mph. I picked up an 85L RRD FSW from Andy at Sailworld Hatteras Friday and used it sunrise to sunset Saturday on a 4.2! The water is warm and the day was sunny so swim trunks were in order. If you like bump & jump it was fan-frick'n-tastic stuff with lots of looping and tail-grabs all around. Watch Andy's vid of wave sailing Saturday at ramp 34.

Sunday the wind went NE so I sailed a 6.5 on the 106L from early morning to around 1pm. I got some good vids of this action. I will try to get some footage on the 85L next time- this weekend I was worried about breaking equipment Saturday... Check out my video on youtube if you want to see what it is like. Click the HQ to watch it high quality.


  1. Hey man glad you had a good trip out here! usually a small board purchase kills the wind... not this time!

  2. Hey Andy! That board was great! I've got a lot to learn but it is comming together. Anne Bowers and I closed down Canadian Hole. She offered some pointers and a little of her time so thanks to her I was feeling good about Saturday.