Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 4- Inland Wind. What more can I say?

Folks I had to try. Sunday was a skunk for windsurfing but kayaking with Moses was great. Barry and I hit the lake yesterday about 2pm and the SW wind was churning up some fair chop. It was blowing SW in the upper teens to 20's in Greensboro but was maybe 10-15 at Belews. Go figure. The edge of the front is hovering a little too close to us- an hour south of here is the place to be. Jordan, Badin and Norman are probably well lit. I came very close to heading to Oak Hollow lake in High Point but I'm not sure how it is in SW and where to launch. Anyone had any experience there?

At any rate, it was a bit puffy but it was still a good lunch session. Barry is getting much more comfortable using the harness and staying up wind. He is also pushing the nose while sheeting in during the gusts and not rounding into the eye of the wind. Way to go man! I took some video using the gopro camera- not too bad if I do say so myself...

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