Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stand Up Paddling on Belews

The best thing in the world for curing a stressful day is fresh air and time on the water. There was a steady NNW breeze and the coves near the launch site were like glass. Belews is as clear as an aquarium so you can see over 15ft down. I saw plenty of bream, bass, turtles and one big carp that was right next to my board. You don't need any special equipment- I just use a kayak paddle and a floaty beginner board.

As the sun set I paddled out toward the north end for the great view of Hanging Rock. If I get my hands on a waterproof camera I'll post this view- it is really something. Here is a tailgate shot after sunset. It looks like the lake is running down a steep grade but turn up the volume and prepare to be relaxed anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!


  1. Nice, man! It's amazing how fast and easy the downwind leg is compared to the upwind, huh?

    Good to see you getting out there!

  2. you know it man. i slipped back out after the cruise to the dam (long way upwind) and just had to make a little vid of the sounds of the day at closing time!