Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Epic Session! 4/11/09

Ahhh. Nothing like that fresh out of energy feeling after a full day on the board. I met Tom at Belews at 10:30 while the wind was still W and turning NW. Gusty but we got some good runs in until he broke his universal within 15 minutes of hitting the water :[ Not to fear since a couple very kind fishermen gave him a slow ride back up to the point.

He brought his lab out with him and the dog actually tows him back to the point when he hits the N wind line! You just can't beat man's best friend.

Moses came out too with 4 other kayakers. Great to see so many bodies at the launch having a blast. There was enough air that they had to keep the bow and stern against the eye of the wind so they made a run to the dam and back. I wish I had a pic of the kayaks and windsurfers on the water...

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