Sunday, December 20, 2009

To All Our Friends!

Another year has blurred by and I have been thinking about some of the highlights. Skiing Noshoe with Greg, Van and the fearless sprouts. It is time to plan the next one already! Mountain biking Tsali with Dr. Melvin (poster boy for the Tsali smack down) & Riki. You know we are all waiting/praying for the trails to dry for winter rides! The family trip to Little Switzerland. Watching Leah progress sailing without the dagger fin, getting the beach start, the quick tack, getting comfortable in higher wind at Canadian Hole and getting in the footstraps with the harness lines. Jasper his first time windsurfing- at the outer banks no less. He's still the fastest learner I've seen yet and the trips were a blast! George, Ken and Andy talking me into my first sesh ever in the ocean for Hatteras Wave Jam. My sister Jennifer showing off with the Starboard GO for the crowd of spectators at Dales Seafood lake Waccamaw. The epic Fall trip to the outer banks with the Charlotte guys and Mark. This was my second set of sessions with the Fall Wave Jam and tons of fun to get out there with the pros! Mac, Rob and Mark got me into paddle surfing and sail surfing the SUP board. Truly awesome times.

And current events...

Slimchilly de Thug

Always have your small stick in a bliz

Bald Eagle trail head Friday after lunch

Big puffy flakes on the trail by the lake

Almost needed snow chains on the Trek

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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